Tuesday 22 May 2007

Engine rebuild

In Summer 2005 we started building the engine. First we unmounted all parts, so i could work on them all separately. Although the engine ran fine, a few parts as the crank, the cylinder sleeves, the conrods and main bearings were in a bad condition. The bottom end itself was in a good condition so i could send it to the engine specialist BUCHNER in Rosenheim to bore the sleeves for the Tomei Piston Kit.

Here's a shot of the conrod bearing:

Here a few more pictures:
- intake manifold

As you can see in the link above the head was already ported, but not perfect. So i decided to port it further by myself. After 2 weeks i was finished.

Here the result:

Intake manifold back from sand blasting:

The overworked stock rods:

The original rods were polished and balanced to the same weight. Before this work, the stock rods had up to 6 grams difference between each other!!! Now all four, weigh excatly 650 gram. Further i modified the fuel rail, to fit the goodrich lines on it. You can see it in the link below.

More pictures from the engine rebuild:

- clean the engine block and head
thread turning into the fuel rail
engine block finished and coated
- inlet and exhaust valves polished


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