Sunday 20 May 2007

The Beginning

The car was bought on the 1. of March 2005 near Berlin. The engine was damaged but the chassis was in good condition and had only 133.000 km on the odometer. The fact that the engine was broke didn't matter, because i already had an engine i wanted to rebuild. The image above shows my first shot of a Nissan 200SX. The engine i already had was taken from my old '89 200SX which was in a very good condition. But because i was unsatisfied with the stock power of the CA18DET i decided to rebuild the engine with a Tomei Piston Kit, that raises the displacement up to 1852 ccm, in order to gain more power on lower RPMs. That's why i named it "Project CA19DET".

In the following weeks i've ordered lots of parts from countrys all over the world. Malaysia, USA, Japan, China, Australia...and so on. 3 months later most of the parts that i needed to rebuild the engine arrived. The Project was ready to start.

Here still a few pictures of the stock car:

- rear
- top
- interieur


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